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American Woman Spirit Company was not founded by one or for one.  It was born of family and friends, for all to enjoy! The Lupori family has a deep appreciation for ancient sculptures including Greek and Roman classics, as well as modern additions.

Together, the Lupori’s envisioned and designed a unique custom sculpted bottle to celebrate the official spirit of America.  The idea was also inspired by the rich history of handmade glassware out of Mexico where Dr. Lupori has spent the past 20 years performing mission surgery for children with cleft lip and palate. With the creativity and support of his daughters and son, Dr. Lupori set out for something new and different – a premium spirit for everyone  to enjoy and a glorious sculpture to bring out the emotions and welcome the ideas of all her takers. We have evolved into a family of brands and diversity of ownership.  

We are majority women-owned and continue to develop our give back to women in the arts, entrepreneurship and need. Our premium Tequila project is on the horizon and started with authentic and quality sourcing of a 100% blue weber agave spirit. Coming late 2023! In honor of the American Woman, our bottle celebrates and empowers women through bottle sales. One percent and growing of all revenues goes directly back to women-led causes. Currently, AWW gives proceeds to the National Association of Women Artists and to the Cleft Lip and Palate Missions.  Every bottle sold makes a difference and we thank you for your support!



AWSC collaborates with an esteemed U.S. distillery, renowned for its cutting-edge technology and seasoned distillers, to craft an unparalleled range of unaged spirits meticulously tailored to precise specifications. These exceptional spirits are then carefully aged in brand-new, 30-gallon white oak barrels, each with a century-old legacy, featuring four distinct char levels.

This extraordinary method elevates the whiskey’s flavor and aroma profiles to unparalleled heights. Our commitment to this unique process ensures a whiskey of unrivaled quality, where every barrel interaction enriches the spectrum of tasting notes, delivering an unforgettable drinking experience.



This sculpted bottle is the embodiment of all the intellect, imagination and freedom that embodies the modern woman.
The bottle is meant to be a catalyst to each women’s unique story that they have penned and also have yet to write.

Indomitable and inspirational, the American Woman stands as a symbol of strength, resilience, and limitless potential. Just as the sculpted bottle “American Woman” captures the essence of intellect, imagination, and freedom, the whiskey itself embodies the spirit of these remarkable women who have shaped history.