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92 Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review

Explore our in-depth review of the 92 Proof Whiskey from American Woman Spirits. Discover its elegant woman-shaped bottle, meticulous aging, and how it stands out. Perfect for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

When my friend handed me a bottle of 92 Proof Whiskey from American Woman Spirits, I was skeptical. I’m used to exploring lesser-known distilleries and unique blends, and I had never heard of this one before. However, the truly original design of the bottle and the rich amber color of the whiskey caught my eye. I decided to give it a try during a casual get-together. To my surprise, the first sip was excellent. The smooth yet bold flavors appeared, and it quickly became a highlight of the evening. This unexpected discovery proved that sometimes, the most remarkable experiences come from stepping outside your usual preferences.

Join me as we embark on this tasting experience to discover if the 92 Proof Whiskey from American Woman Spirits truly lives up to its beautiful bottle!

The Brand Always Matters

American Woman Spirits was founded by a group of passionate distillers dedicated to creating exceptional whiskey with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. Their distillery, located in a renowned whiskey-producing region, collaborates with a state-of-the-art U.S. distillery. This partnership combines cutting-edge technology and experienced distillers to create spirits tailored to precise specifications, ensuring a unique and high-quality product.

The American Woman’s 92 Proof Whiskey is crafted from a rich corn mash bill and aged in new, 30-gallon white oak barrels from 100-year-old forests, featuring four distinct char levels. This innovative aging process enhances the whiskey’s flavor and aroma profiles, resulting in a complex and well-balanced spirit.

In addition to their traditional whiskey offerings, American Woman Spirits has experimented with innovative finishes to create unique flavor profiles. Over the years, they have garnered numerous awards and accolades, including:

  • Gold Medal at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition: Recognizing excellence in distillation and flavor.
  • Silver Medal at the 2020 International Wine & Spirits Competition: Highlighting the whiskey’s balanced and complex profile.
  • Bronze Medal at the 2021 American Distilling Institute Craft Spirits Awards: Commending the craftsmanship and quality.

The distillery’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures that every bottle of their American Woman’s 92 Proof Whiskey offers an unparalleled tasting experience. The use of high-quality ingredients and a meticulous aging process contributes to the distinct character of their whiskey, making it a standout choice for enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

The Bottle and Its Packaging

Let’s be real, the bottle design of the 92 Proof Whiskey from American Woman Spirits is a true standout, immediately catching the eye with its sophisticated and unique look. The bottle is elegantly shaped like a woman, symbolizing strength and grace, and exuding a sense of attention to detail. The intricate contours and curves of the design not only make it visually striking but also serve as a tribute to the brand’s name and ethos.

The glass bottle is sturdy and weighty, offering a satisfying heft that speaks to the quality within. The label is tastefully designed, featuring classic typography with modern elements, perfectly balancing history and innovation. The golden accents on the label and the embossed text add a touch of luxury. The presentation underscores the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship, making it an ideal gift or a cherished addition to any whiskey collection.

The bottle is housed in a sleek, minimalist box, revealing the whiskey nestled securely inside. This thoughtful packaging not only protects the bottle but also enhances the overall unboxing experience, setting the stage for the enjoyment of the whiskey within. The presentation underscores the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship, making it an ideal gift or a cherished addition to any whiskey collection.

Appearance (Sight)

Pouring a glass reveals a whiskey that boasts a rich, deep amber hue, indicative of its time spent aging in new charred American oak barrels. The color is a beautiful warm shade that glows with an inviting golden-red tint, capturing the light in a way that promises complexity and depth.

As you hold the glass up to the light, you can appreciate the clarity and brilliance of the liquid. It is crystal clear with no sediment or cloudiness, demonstrating the high quality and care taken during the distillation and aging process. The legs or tears that form on the inside of the glass as you swirl the whiskey are slow to develop and run down leisurely, indicating a higher viscosity and likely richness in body and texture.

Aroma (Nose)

The aroma of the 92 Proof Whiskey from American Woman Spirits is a complex blend of scents unfolding with each glass swirl. The rich and inviting bouquet greets the nose as soon as the whiskey is poured, setting the stage for the tasting experience.

Initial Aroma Notes

Upon the first sniff, the initial aroma is dominated by classic bourbon notes of creamy vanilla, caramel, and honey. These scents are warm and comforting, evoking images of toffee and freshly baked goods. The sweetness is well-balanced, not overpowering but inviting and pleasant.

Evolution of Aroma

As the whiskey is allowed to breathe, additional layers of complexity begin to reveal themselves. Subtle hints of oak and spice emerge, adding depth and character to the nose. This evolution from sweet caramel and vanilla to more nuanced oak and spice notes creates a rich and dynamic aromatic profile.

Detailed Breakdown

  • Top Notes: Creamy vanilla, caramel, honey
  • Middle Notes: Subtle oak, light spice
  • Base Notes: Toasted oak, slight smokiness

The nose of the 92 Proof Whiskey is a masterful blend of sweet and savory, with the initial notes of caramel and vanilla giving way to a complex bouquet of oak and light spice. It’s a sensory journey that promises a rich and rewarding tasting experience.

Taste (Palate)

Here is where this drink truly reveals its character, as the intricate flavors come together in what I always hope is a satisfying tasting experience.

Initial Taste Impressions

The first sip is a delightful introduction to its rich flavor profile. The initial taste is a blend of sweet and savory notes, with a prominent presence of caramel and vanilla reminiscent of the aromas detected on the nose. This sweetness is balanced by a robust warmth that envelops the palate, creating a well-rounded and inviting first impression.

Mid-Palate Development

As the whiskey settles on the palate, the mid-palate reveals a more complex profile. Subtle hints of oak and spice emerge, adding depth and richness to the experience. These notes create a harmonious balance with the initial sweetness, enhancing the overall flavor complexity. Alongside the oak and spice, you may detect a light touch of honey and toasted nuts, which add further layers to the tasting journey.


The finish of American Woman’s 92 Proof Whiskey is long and satisfying, with a lingering warmth that is both comforting and complex. The toasted oak notes become more pronounced, providing a woody depth that balances the sweetness. A slight smokiness and light spice, including hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, add a final layer of complexity that leaves a lasting impression.

The taste journey of 92 Proof Whiskey is a rich and rewarding experience, with each sip revealing new layers of flavor and complexity. The balance between sweet, spicy, and oaky notes makes it a well-rounded and enjoyable whiskey.


The mouthfeel of the 92 Proof Whiskey from American Woman Spirits is a significant part of the sensory experience, contributing to the overall enjoyment and perception of the whiskey. The texture and body of the liquid as it moves across the palate provide additional context to the flavor profile.

Texture and Body

The American Woman’s 92-Proof Whiskey has a full-bodied and velvety texture. The viscosity of the whiskey is evident, offering a rich and smooth mouthfeel that enhances the tasting experience. This weighty texture is indicative of the high-quality ingredients and careful aging process that the whiskey undergoes.

Aging Impact

The aging process in new charred American oak barrels plays a crucial role in developing the mouthfeel of the American Woman’s 92 Proof Whiskey. The interaction between the whiskey and the oak barrels over time imparts not only flavors but also a complexity and depth to the texture. The influence of the four distinct char levels adds an additional layer of sophistication, contributing to a slightly tannic, wine-like mouthfeel that is both unique and pleasing.

Tactile Experience

The tactile sensation of this whiskey is soft and rounded, with no harsh edges or burn even at a higher proof. This smoothness makes it approachable for both seasoned whiskey enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The slight oiliness of the whiskey coats the palate, allowing the flavors to linger and evolve over time.

Flavor Wheel Breakdown

The 92 Proof Whiskey from American Woman Spirits presents a well-rounded and complex flavor profile that can be broken down into various categories. This detailed breakdown helps to appreciate the intricacies of the whiskey’s taste.

Sweet Notes

  • Caramel: Prominent from the initial sip, providing a rich and smooth sweetness.
  • Vanilla: A creamy note that balances well with the caramel.
  • Honey: Adds a subtle and natural sweetness to the mix.

Fruity Notes

  • Dried Fruits: Subtle hints of dried fruits like apricot and raisin add a layer of complexity.

Spicy Notes

  • Cinnamon: A light touch that complements the sweetness.
  • Nutmeg: Adds warmth and depth to the palate.
  • Pepper: A mild peppery note that provides a slight kick.

Woody Notes

  • Toasted Oak: The influence of the charred barrels is evident, adding a deep woody flavor.
  • Smokiness: A slight smoky undertone that enhances the overall profile.

Other Notes

  • Dark Chocolate: A hint of dark chocolate that adds a luxurious touch.
  • Wine-Like Tannins: From the aging process, contributing to the unique mouthfeel and flavor complexity.

Comparisons With Other Brands

To appreciate the unique qualities of the American Woman’s 92 Proof Whiskey, it’s helpful to compare it with some well-known brands in the market.

Maker’s Mark 46

  • Flavor Profile: Known for its caramel and vanilla notes with hints of oak and spice. The use of French oak staves adds a unique spiciness and a slightly creamy texture.
  • Comparison: While Maker’s Mark 46 offers a rich and smooth experience with prominent vanilla and caramel, it lacks the distinct dried fruit notes and the influence of the four distinct char levels found in the 92 Proof Whiskey.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

  • Flavor Profile: Offers a deep, rich sweetness with flavors of dark chocolate, caramel, and toasted oak. The second aging in a heavily toasted barrel adds depth and complexity.
  • Comparison: Woodford Reserve Double Oaked shares similarities with the American Woman’s 92 Proof Whiskey in terms of rich sweetness and dark chocolate notes. However, it does not have the subtle smokiness and light spice that distinguish the other one.

Angel’s Envy

  • Flavor Profile: Finished in port wine barrels, it features notes of ripe fruit, vanilla, and toasted nuts with a smooth, lingering finish.
  • Comparison: Angel’s Envy’s port finish gives it a fruit-forward profile similar to the dried fruit notes in the American Woman’s 92 Proof Whiskey. However, Angel’s Envy leans more towards dried fruit and nutty flavors, whereas the 92 Proof highlights a balanced blend of caramel, honey, and spice.

What Sets It Apart?

The use of 30-gallon white oak barrels from 100-year-old forests, featuring four distinct char levels, is a unique aging process that sets the 92 Proof Whiskey apart. This method elevates the whiskey’s flavor and aroma profiles, creating a complex and well-rounded spirit idoneous for original food pairings. The rich corn mash bill and thorough aging process contribute to a distinctive profile with a harmonious blend of sweetness, spice, and oak.

Overall Impression

As a whiskey enthusiast, my personal experience with the 92 Proof Whiskey from American Woman Spirits has been more pleasant than I could have expected. From the moment I opened the bottle, I was captivated by the aromas and the promise of a complex tasting journey. Here’s a detailed account of my impressions:

Rating System

To provide a comprehensive evaluation, I’ve developed a rating system that covers various aspects of the whiskey:

  • Packaging: 9/10. The elegant and sophisticated packaging is both visually appealing and well-crafted.
  • Appearance: 9/10. The rich amber hue and crystal-clear brilliance are indicative of a well-aged whiskey.
  • Aroma: 9/10. The evolving bouquet of caramel, vanilla, oak, and spice is complex and inviting.
  • Taste: 9/10. The palate offers a harmonious blend of sweetness, spice, and oak, with a unique influence from the aging process.
  • Finish: 9/10. The long, smooth finish with lingering notes of spice, dark chocolate, and a hint of smokiness is deeply satisfying.
  • Mouthfeel: 9/10. The full-bodied and velvety texture enhances the overall tasting experience.
  • Value for Money: 9/10. Considering the quality and unique characteristics, it offers good value for a premium whiskey.

Final Overview

American Woman Spirits’ 92 Proof Whiskey provides a delightful and complex experience. It starts with a hint of sweetness on the nose, followed by a rich array of flavors on the palate, and culminates in a long, velvety finish. The whiskey’s unique aging process adds a special touch that distinguishes it from other bourbons.

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